As tourism is West Virginia’s ambassador to economic development and is a vital part of West Virginia, WVHTA supports according tourism businesses the same assistance and incentives, specifically low interest loans, as are offered to other industries which contribute to economic development including being recognized as an equal partner in the state’s economic development programs along with all other industries such as timber, manufacturing and construction.

Matching Advertising Partnership Program

  • Matching Advertising Partnership Program (MAPP) monies (video lottery) must remain dedicated to direct advertising and continue as a marketing grant fund with no less than 20 percent allocated for state parks, state forests, state recreation areas and wild life recreational resources.  Additionally, the integrity of this fund is of the utmost importance and must be protected.


  • WVHTA supports a “no new taxes” policy specific to the tourism industry and will oppose taxes being levied upon the tourism industry. 
  • WVHTA is opposed to any increase in the hotel occupancy tax rate.  WVH&TA supports efforts to collect and distribute the tax in accordance with statutory requirements and with maximum benefit to the tourism industry.
  • WVHTA supports efforts of the CVB Association to pass legislation that requires accreditation of CVBs as a prerequisite to receive hotel/motel tax funds.

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  • WVHTA supports expanded highway tourism signage including signage available from the private sector as an important marketing tool for businesses involved in the tourism industry. 
  • WVHTA supports an expanded pilot tourism signage project that allows businesses and towns to be visitor friendly which includes formulation of guidelines in collaboration with the WV Division of Highways.
  • WVHTA supports the expansion of all highway corridors important to tourism economic development and supports a continued statewide policy that supports highway safety and protects the integrity of state roads and bridges.

Labor & Workforce

  • WVHTA promotes a common sense civil justice system in West Virginia through the support of legislation that will balance the rights of those who have been legitimately harmed by negligent behavior with the rights of those who are unfairly, excessively or frivolously sued.
  • WVHTA acknowledges the extreme industry labor shortage; supports hospitality career educational training and workforce development; and encourages portability of employee training programs. 
  • WVHTA recognizes the need to attract and retain talented workers throughout the state. Doing so requires a commitment to an inclusive and diverse workforce, thereby protecting workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation, race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, blindness or disability.


  • As both economic development and a clean environment are vital to the growth of tourism in our state, WVH&TA shall continue to monitor implementation of the Anti-degradation rule and water quality rules. 
  • WVHTA will also monitor the West Virginia Water Withdrawal Act and work with the regulated water community to obtain a fair water usage process and system for the tourism industry.
  • WVHTA recognizes the importance of providing and promoting a safe and secure environment in our hospitality industry.  We support an alliance with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in an effort to establish and promote communication within our industry.  This alliance will provide coordination with state and federal “homeland security” initiatives, produce innovative solutions to issues, define legislative initiatives as required and drive change in our industry and state. 


  • WVHTA will also provide oversight and input for rules and regulations on safety standards in the state.
  • WVHTA appreciates that vacation homeowners are among WV's most important and reliable tourists.  Construction of their homes is not only one of the most important keystones of WV's construction industries, but through vacation homeowner's regular weekend and vacation occupancy they continue to support our restaurants, amusements and merchants.


WVHTA’s members represent many of the attractions, restaurants, hotels, suppliers, service providers and employers that contribute $3.9 billion dollars to West Virginia’s economy annually.  WVHTA represents these members to state government and is their connection to similar organizations nationwide. Through the association’s work, members come together to maintain a strong, united voice dedicated to promoting and supporting hospitality and travel in West Virginia

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