Since its inception, WVHTA has successfully supported hundreds of legislative initiatives for the betterment of the hospitality and travel industry, while at the same time successfully opposing legislation that would be detrimental. 

Among those efforts:


  • Stopped wine & liquor taxes.
  • Stopped Amusement/Recreation Tax.
  • Stopping detrimental taxes on the tourism industry.


  • Increased the overall budget of the WV Division of Tourism by $5 million, from $7,519,818.00 to $12,779,811.00, with one million dollars ear marked for the advertising line item which directly promotes and markets West Virginia’s tourism.
  • Increased the Tourism Promotion Fund by $5 million with the racetrack legislation increasing the bet limit from $2.00 to $5.00.
  • Creation of the WV Tourism Commission, and the WV Tourism Promotion Grant Fund program from 3% of the video lottery proceeds.
  • Increased Tourism Promotion Fund with Table Games Legislation.
  • Worked & supported new “Tourism and the WV Economy” Study.
  • Worked Anti-Degradation for Economic Development.
  • Worked requirements for general and liquor liability insurance on tourism businesses.
  • Created Study for Workforce Tourism Development and Small Tourism Business Incentives.
  • Worked and supported Tourism Development & Expansion Projects.
  • Worked Film Industry Incentives.


  •  Worked Minimum Wage legislation.


  • Worked Air Service Incentives
  • Worked Whitewater Study for Southern WV.
  • Worked water use regulations/surveys, etc. on tourism related businesses.


  • Worked Education and Economic Development Initiatives.
  • Creation of the WV HEAT Office and maintaining that budget.
  • Placed WV HEAT Budget in Dept. of Education.


  • Implemented new emergency medical services for “large tourism influx” counties.
  • FDA Food Code Implementation.


WVHTA’s members represent many of the attractions, restaurants, hotels, suppliers, service providers and employers that contribute $3.9 billion dollars to West Virginia’s economy annually.  WVHTA represents these members to state government and is their connection to similar organizations nationwide. Through the association’s work, members come together to maintain a strong, united voice dedicated to promoting and supporting hospitality and travel in West Virginia

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