The West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association (WVHTA) is the official voice of the food service, lodging, convention and visitors bureaus, and travel industries in the state. The WVHTA represents the hospitality and travel industry's interests to both governmental and private sectors. WVH&TA serves as the connection between all those involved with the development of tourism in West Virginia. 

Why You Should Belong

The WVHTA is continually finding ways to improve the amount of tourism dollars coming to - and being spent in -West Virginia. Members of WVHTA share marketing ideas with their peers. The Associations members also work together to monitor local, state and national legislation and act accordingly. It makes a difference when everyone works as a team.

Teaming Up With The WV Tourism Commission and The WV Division Of Tourism

The Association has an excellent working relationship with the West Virginia Tourism Commission and the West Virginia Division of Tourism. The Commission and the Division staff welcome advice and comments pertaining to the state's efforts to promote tourism from association leaders and members. The success of the state's tourism marketing plan results in direct benefits for the entire hospitality industry. Through the private sectors Marketing Advisory Committee, combined marketing efforts between the state and private sector make a stronger impact.

Let Us "Show" You The Way To Succes

The Association sponsors an annual tourism convention at various locations throughout the state. The agenda includes educational seminars, informational meetings with state and other governmental officials, and a trade show featuring vendors who provide the latest information pertaining to the travel and hospitality industry. The Association is always looking for ways to provide forums for discussion on specific areas of interest, and problem-solving on a grass roots level.

Invest In A Membership

Your membership in the Association is really an investment in your future. In a world where "going it alone" is not a wise business decision (nor usually a profitable venture), you will find that a membership will be one of the best investments that you'll ever make. (learn more)

What Does It Cost?

Membership dues are based on the size and/or volume of your business. This allows each member to pay their fair share of this cooperative effort to support West Virginia tourism. (learn more)

We Keep An Eye On Government

The West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association is the legislative voice of the hospitality industry. Our professional government relations staff, working with daily input from our members and legislators, has successfully increased the state marketing budget for tourism by more than 680 percent. In 1989, the state marketing budget was $850,000. Today it totals $6.9 million. It has increased through the appropriation of lottery funds and video lottery funds.

The video lottery funds have been used to provide dollars for the Cooperative Tourism Promotion Fund, which allows areas in the state to receive 50/50 matching grants to enhance their advertising purchasing power. The West Virginia Tourism Commission, which was also created through the work of WVHTA, allows industry input into decisions affecting tourism in West Virginia. WVHTA has also been instrumental in stopping detrimental legislation, including a fast food tax, an increase in the liquor tax, double taxation of hotel amenities, protection of the hotel/motel tax for designated purposes, increases in your insurance costs, and a new one- the amusement and recreation tax - just to name a few.


WVHTA’s members represent many of the attractions, restaurants, hotels, suppliers, service providers and employers that contribute $3.9 billion dollars to West Virginia’s economy annually.  WVHTA represents these members to state government and is their connection to similar organizations nationwide. Through the association’s work, members come together to maintain a strong, united voice dedicated to promoting and supporting hospitality and travel in West Virginia

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